NPR Robert Krulwich Reports on BioEngineering

NPR’s RadioWorkshop ran a segment on Tuesday’s Morning Edition on the MIT 2006 iGEM team’s work on a banana and mint scented E. coli (aka Eau d’Coli) … all done on OWW. The report featured a graduating senior, Stephen Payne, and OpenWetWare’s own (also soon to be graduating with her doctorate degree!) Reshma Shetty.

From the NPR page:
MIT Eau D'Coli Team

Even if you’re already familiar with the results, E. coli which has shed its rather distinctive scent in exchange for mint and banana, the RadioWorks report is well worth a listen.

In addition to the great report, a Biological Engineering “theme song” is sung at the end of the report in the style of a Gilbert and Sullivan ditty.

Here’s a link to the story and the downloadable audio:

From the report:

“…I’d rather be swapping jeans.
It’s mankind’s only fighting chance,
Designer genes, not denim pants.
We’ll stop disease and greenhouse gases,
Sequencing nucleic acids.

We’ve cracked the code, we’ve seen the light.
We’re building stuff, we’re building life…

The road ahead is clear,
Because we’re Bio-Engineers!

We’re building stuff!”


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