OWW Town Hall meeting: Lab notebooks

OWW Lab NotebookTomorrow, July 10th at noon EDT, we’ll be having another one of our open town hall meetings at OWW. Anyone is invited to take part in the meeting, either via conference call or online chat. Details to get connected can be found here.

This month’s meeting will be focused around Lab Notebooks. We’ll be discussing what has already been done at OpenWetWare and what features should be added (or removed!), among other things…

If you happen to be interested in this topic, feel free to join in on the conversation and share your thoughts. If you can’t make it to the meeting, you can either leave your comments on this blog post or on the wiki, here.

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  1. Alethea’s avatar

    I will miss it by a few hours, unfortunately.
    There are still a couple of bugs in search (you know this) and in the “one-click” setup. But it’s definitely homing in on user-friendliness for setting up and using. The “create new entry” from clicking on a given date is a great feature.
    I’ve already expressed some interest in being able to upload images or other data directly from a lab notebook entry page.
    The formatting links below the edit box are very helpful for wiki neophytes such as myself.


  2. Ricardo Vidal’s avatar

    Hey, thanks for the feedback. We’re working on the upload feature you mentioned among others. The search should be working a bit better. Keep in mind that it takes a few hours to index new content.


  3. Jim H’s avatar

    I have been using MS Groove for my Lab notebook. I know this isn’t open source code, so you can’t “customize” it, but it’s pretty darn slick.

    Of course the software isn’t cheap, but we have three different labs on it and the books can be shared and data exchanged and accessed and modified from your laptop (remotely), then synced to the network when back in the lab.

    I think this is a good system model to model, if you have the chance.



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