Referencing a DOI Within OpenWetWare

To lookup an article using a document object identifier, there’s a cheap and cheerful way to do it based upon the work we did earlier to add access to pubget.

Without it, you can always resolve a DOI. Here’s a simplest example: Let’s say the DOI is 10.1021/ac7018574. This is an article by Cameron Neyland. If you want to redirect t the document, you can use an open DOI like this:

You can therefore represent a DOI  in OpenWetWare like this:

[ doi:10.1021/ac7018574]

That would display the string, doi:10.1021/ac7018574. Clicking on the link would bring you to the paper. This won’t provide any information about the document. Clicking on it will redirect your browser to the paper.

In addition to PubMed lookup, Pubget also includes a DOI resolver. You can access it via an RSS feed within OpenWetWare.

I’ve added a page including a set of examples and instructions to OpenWetWare to illustrate how this can be done as well as how the previous examples. You can look at the list of examples (and, please, add more!) here:

The result is that the title of the doc and a link to allow you to read the document are displayed. There’s currently no way to format these string directly but it’s coming. Look at the page to see an example. I’ll simplify this to allow an even shorter syntax to display it.

Just as pubget uses information about a university to determine what periodicals you have access to, the DOI system uses a ‘resolver’ to map a DOI into a reference to the periodical and the document described.

Biblio, the reference/citation extension in OpenWetWare currently does not support DOI’s. There is limited support for importing the metadata such as periodical, edition, authors, and even title, to do this withougt a bit of hacking. Let me know if anyone is interested in seeing this support added.

If anyone has questions about the use of a feature like this, please let me know. As I mentioned, don’t hold back on adding examples to the page in OWW.


  1. Ilya’s avatar

    You could also use a prefix “doi” like this: [[doi:10.1021/ac7018574]].



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