BioBricks/OWW Improvement Project: Win PRIZES – answer 5 short questions by Nov 22

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Dear OpenWetWare Community,

In an effort to improve (OWW) to meet your needs better, the BioBricks Foundation is conducting a short survey with five simple questions (< 5min). We hope you will choose to participate! The survey ends on Nov 22.

By participating, you will:

  1. Make your life better (by gaining a better OWW experience)
  2. Make new friends (by communicating with our staff at the BBF)
  3. Be entered to win great PRIZES!


  1. Two $25 Amazon gift cards, at random, to two participants who complete these five questions.
  2. One $50 Amazon gift card, to a participant who gives the best original suggestion(s) for OWW based on usefulness and feasibility. Please answer question #4 in the survey to be considered for this prize.

For prize winners who live in countries Amazon does not operate, we will provide you an equivalent prize to the Amazon gift card.

Please click on the below button to complete the OWW survey:

Enter Survey

We thank you for your time and contribution; we will post (anonymous) information about the survey outcomes on the OWW home page in the coming weeks.

Kind regards,

Thi Thach
Program Manager
BioBricks Foundation


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