$25K raised! Update on BioBricks Foundation campaign

Dear Friends of the BioBricks Foundation,

The BioBricks Foundation helps nurture young talent in SynBio.Here’s the latest news from the BioBricks Foundation and our fundraising campaign to raise $50K by December 31, 2011. As of today, we have already raised $25K toward our goal. So that leaves just $25K to go! Already made a gift? Thank you so much! Haven’t given yet? There’s still time to do so. Help us make it to the top!

The BioBricks Foundation (BBF) is a public-benefit organization dedicated to advancing synthetic biology (SynBio) to benefit all people and the planet. We work to create a sustainable future by supporting the development and free exchange of standardized biological parts that are safe, ethical, cost effective and publicly accessible. The funds raised in this campaign will support the BBF’s work for SynBio in technology, the law, education, and community building for the coming year.

Donate Now If you work in the BioTech industry, attended the SB 5.0 Conference, follow the BIOFAB, or are one of 9,000 people who use OpenWetWare, you are part of the BBF community. Please act now by making a personal financial gift to support the BBF.

At the SB5.0 conference, presenters covered the latest developments in SynBio.Your tax-deductible gift of $10, $20, $50, $100, or any amount will have a big impact. With your help, the BBF will have resources to conduct such activities as launching OWW2.0, providing scholarships to young researchers for SB 6.0, hosting workshops on exciting themes, and launching initiatives to unite global BIOFABs and create a road map for the field of SynBio. The time to give is now. Make a secure, online donation to the BBF today.

SynBio has the power to transform our world. Let’s work together to ensure a strong, safe, open SynBio field. Please support the BBF mission.

Thank you so much for your support.


Holly Million signature
Holly Million
Executive Director,
The BioBricks Foundation

Natalie Kuldell signature
Natalie Kuldell
Board of Directors,
The BioBricks Foundation
OpenWetWare “Super User”

P.S. Want to get more involved? The BBF is making plans to better serve the SynBio community. Want to find out when SB6.0 is taking place? Want to give input on our new Education Program? Send us a message.


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